Concept - Saz Design Consultants

To provide the client with the option for a full range of interior design and landscape design services that support their long-range goals and desired image.

To achieve specific client targets through professional evaluation of design options and alternative which include partial on complete scope of services.

All services are executed with an understanding of the unique requirements of the hotel, office and hospitality industry with professional attention to detail that realizes client targets.

Gas Malaysia

Gas Malaysia photo-1   Gas Malaysia photo-2   Gas Malaysia Photo-3

Hotel Sofitel (Senai)

Hotel Sofitel Senai Photo 1   Hotel Sofitel Senai Photo 2   Hotel Sofitel Senai Photo 3   Hotel Sofitel Senai Photo 4   Hotel Sofitel Senai Photo 5   Hotel Sofitel Senai Photo 6

Kebayan Food Court Plaza Kotaraya

Kebayan Food Court Plaza Kotaraya photo-1

PJB Pasific Capital Sdn Bhd

PJB Pasific Capital Sdn Bhd photo-1   PJB Pasific capital Sdn Bhd photo-2   PJB Pasific Capital Sdn Bhd photo-3


Fiona photo-1   Fiona photo-2   Fiona photo-3   Fiona photo-4   Fiona photo-5   Fiona photo-6
Fiona photo-7   Fiona photo-8   Fiona photo-9   Fiona photo-11   Fiona photo-12   Fiona photo-13
Fiona photo-14   Fiona photo-15   Fiona photo-17   Fiona photo-19   Fiona photo-21   Fiona photo-23
Fiona photo-24   Fiona photo-25   Fiona photo-26


Michael photo- 1   Michael photo-2   Michael photo-3   Michael photo-4   Michael photo-5   Michael photo-6
Michael photo-7   Michael photo-8    Michael photo-9   Michael photo-10   Michael photo-11   Michael photo-12
Michael photo-13   Michael photo-15   Michael photo-17


Salina photo-1   Salina photo-2   Salina photo-3   Salina photo-4   Salina photo-5   Salina photo-6
Salina photo-7   Salina photo-8   Salina photo-9   Salina photo-10   Salina photo-11   Salina photo-12
Salina photo-13   Salina photo-14


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