About Us

About Saz Design Consultants
Saz Design Copnsultants Sdn. Bhd. has been engaged in a diversified practice offering professional services in architecture, interior design and planning since 1990. We have been responsible for design of project totaling more than ringgit Malaysia 120 million in construction cost.

We have been commissioned for projects throughout the Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak because of our ability to provide imaginative design concepts powerful graphic presentations, technical document in a timely manner and its organizational in securing approval from governing authorities.

Our team is headed by a group of Management Principal, Sazali Onn who has been working in close association with highly experienced design and technical staff. The diversified practice encompasses projects both large and small, private and public, including multi-stories office buildings, marina oriented resorts, resort hotels, golf resorts, business parks, commercial retail centers, restaurants, financial institutions, merchant built homes and custom residential.

A unique facet of Saz Design Consultants’ versatility is our ability to send an analysis and design team to locations anywhere in the world to investigate constraints and opportunities at the proposed site, to work with local consultants, governing authorities, and client representative for purposes of developing conceptual design alternatives, on site, that become the basis for finite phases of work to follow.

The resultant saving of time has been of consistent benefit to Saz Design Consultants and clients.

Regardless of the magnitude of the client’s project, at least one principal of Saz Design Consultants and partners remains intimately involved through completion of every phase of the commissioned work.